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Connecting vulnerable families with the resources they need to thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nurturing Our Village has been created to connect families, children, and neighbors with vital resources so that families of all types — foster, adoptive and biological — can fully be supported in vulnerable seasons. 

There is a place for everyone in Our Village.

There are many ways to support families. Listed on this site are organizations which are dedicated to meeting needs of parents, youth and children. Take some time to look at some of these and see how you can best fit in. Some ideas include:

  • Donations – Some organizations are dedicated to meeting material needs of families. A little generosity can go a long way in lifting the burdens of a caregiver, or in showing a child or a young adult that they are seen and that they matter.
  • Mentor – Many children and young adults are craving positive role models and people who will invest time in them. Single parents, particularly teen parents also need someone to walk along side them and help them navigate issues big and small that arise in raising children. Check some of the fantastic groups on this site that are dedicated to investing in Our Village.
  • Start a support group – If your church or organization is interested in supporting the needs of families – foster, special needs, adoptive, single-parent – there are many organizations that are ready to help you put together a program that is sound, tested, and effective.
  • Respite care – There are organizations that are specifically dedicated to providing respite care to families, including foster families, families with terminally ill children, and disabled children. Check out our site for some groups in your area that could benefit from your investment.
There are a number of organizations that provide grants and loans to help families adopt. There are even crowd-funding sites dedicated to helping families raise adoption funds. Additionally, if you adopt a child from the registry of foster children waiting to be adopted, the state will in most instances cover the costs related to the adoption and you will be qualified for monthly cash payments towards expenses and other benefits.
Throughout this site you will find resources dedicated to individuals with disabilities, from special camps, to day programs, to businesses which train and/or incorporate the skills of those with special needs. Additionally, there are a number of camps and centers dedicated to giving respite to caregivers.
Youth who “age out” of the foster care system are have a higher incidence of drug use, lower high school graduation rates, higher unemployment rates, higher incidents of homelessness, and criminal justice involvement. Foster youth who age out are also more likely to become involved with human trafficking.
What these young adults need are stable committed adults who can help guide them through life’s issues. There are several mentor programs specifically targeting “aged out” youth. Some provide life skills and career preparation. There are group homes where the youth can learn the skills they need to be fully independent before they launch out on their own. And there are many organizations which offer scholarships for those who would like to pursue higher education.
There are counselors which are specifically trained to deal with the unique issues adoptees face. Additionally, there are a number of support groups both for the adopted children/youth, and for parents. Parents may also want to seek out one of the mentors on this site that deals with issues related to adoption.
You are not alone! There are many resources to help you in your journey. You’ll find here experienced mentors and coaches who can walk you through the particular challenges you’re facing. Also, depending on where you live, there are many church support groups specifically for fostering families, as well as networks for foster and adoptive kids that form a supportive community.

We are a registered 501c3 organization.

No, we just seek to elevate the visibility of quality organizations so they can expand their impact.
100% of funds received go directly to maintaining and expanding this website. We have begun in the Michiana area, which is the six counties surrounding South Bend in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan, as well as with national organizations. As funds allow, we will expand to cover each of the US States.

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Nurturing Our Village
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