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Located at 120 Doctor M.L.K. Jr Blvd, South Bend, IN 46601. In the historic Century Center in downtown South Bend, the South Bend Museum of Art has been providing a wealth of cultural insights to locals and visitors for almost seventy years. The museum is located in the northern wing of the building and features five galleries. In addition to showcasing a full range of artistic traditions, the museum also offers instruction in painting, sculpture, jewelry making and ceramics. The Museum also boasts the largest ceramics studio in northern Indiana, which attracts students from near and far. The museum has a well-rounded collection, ranging from classical pieces to contemporary art.


The South Bend Museum of Art has been accredited by the American Alliance of Museums for more than a decade. During the accreditation process, the museum underwent a rigorous review of its operations that resulted in a more clear-cut vision for its future. The new leadership will be able to implement a number of new initiatives to increase engagement with the community. In addition to providing art-related educational programs, the museum is a leading force in community outreach initiatives and local artist recognition. Several local art-related events take place each year, such as the city’s Best Week Ever and the annual Holiday Festival. In addition, the museum also puts on several major exhibitions throughout the year. More Art and Museums


The South Bend Museum of Art has recently announced a handful of staff changes. In the past six months, the museum has lost its chief scientific officer, curator of education and interim director. The organization has also finalized the hiring of a new director, which will be announced as soon as possible. Additionally, the organization has appointed a new marketing and communication manager. The new position is the brainchild of long-time museum executive Mark Rospenda.


The South Bend Museum of Art has also a number of other exciting initiatives on the horizon. In addition to the museum’s new director, the organization has also hired a number of new employees, including a new marketing and communication manager, a new visitor experience manager, a new director of innovation, and a new senior curator. The new employees are all part of the organization’s efforts to engage more of the community in the arts. In fact, the museum is hosting a number of free events and activities in the lead-up to its 75th anniversary in 2022.


The South Bend Museum of Art also has an impressive collection of art, with more than a thousand pieces conserved and exhibited. The Museum boasts five galleries and a wide array of educational programs. The Museum also has a robust calendar of events, including the best week ever partnership with Downtown South Bend and its partnership with WVPE 88.1 for the Meet Me on the Island.


The South Bend Museum of Art has had a number of notable achievements over the past 75 years. The museum has been accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and has earned the laudable award for the best overall visitor experience in the state.





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