Youth Service Bureau (YSB) - Nurturing Our Village

Connecting adoptive, foster, and all other types of families and kids with the resources they need to thrive.

Connecting adoptive, foster, and all other types of families and kids with the resources they need to thrive.

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Youth Service Bureau (YSB)

Youth Service Bureau (YSB)
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Physical Address
2222 Lincolnway West, South Bend, IN 46628
Phone Number
574 -235-9231
Description of activities

The Young Moms' Self-Sufficiency Program (YMSSP) provides opportunities for young mothers to overcome the many, complex barriers to self-sufficiency and decrease the possibility of abuse and neglect. It helps women to identify realistic academic and employment goals, improve the health and nutrition of family members, increase a personal sense of competence and well-being, and foster a healthy relationship between both parents and children.

The Transitional Living Program (TLP) will give youth a start at life and provide youth with stable, safe living accommodations, and services which help them develop the skills necessary to become independent, through therapy, both family and individual, intensive case management, skill groups, and community service. This program will help prevent future and chronic homelessness.

Safe Station program goals are to provide safe, temporary housing for teens (most stay 21 days or less) and to work with teens and families for reunification. Teens at Safe Station participate in individual and family counseling and work with a service coordinator for problem-solving and skill building. Teens continue their education while staying at Safe Station.

The Youth Development Services Program (YDS) provides Youth Development Specialists to assist students in managing their behavior. The Specialist is assigned to specific schools. They work with parents, principals, teachers, and other appropriate staff to identify children in need of services. They then assess what form of intervention will be the most appropriate and effective.

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