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Connecting adoptive, foster, and all other types of families and kids with the resources they need to thrive.

Connecting adoptive, foster, and all other types of families and kids with the resources they need to thrive.

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Indiana Professional Management Group (IMPG)

Indiana Professional Management Group (IMPG)
Who would benefit from the services of this organization?
Physical Address
1305 Cumberland Avenue Suite 225 West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone Number
Customer Service Line 866-672-4764, Wraparound Customer Service (765) 464-2991
Description of activities

Indiana Professional Management Group (IPMG) provides person-centered case management services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and wraparound facilitation services to children with emotional and/or behavioral challenges. We are a certified provider for the Indiana Medicaid Waiver Program, and serve individuals who receive the Family Supports Waiver, Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver, Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver, Aged and Disabled Waiver, and Indiana's Wraparound Program Wraparound is a voluntary program designed to help families who have children with emotional and/or behavioral challenges. Wraparound teams are made of caring professionals, friends and family who use Wraparound principles to meet the needs of families. Participants in Indiana's Wraparound Program are supported with a variety of services such as Family Support Training, Habilitation and Respite that are designed to support Participants to move closer to reaching their Family Vision. Those services are provided in a strengths-based manner and are designed to respect the participant's personal beliefs and customs. Services will be developed based upon identified outcomes on the Plan of Care (POC). The IPMG Wraparound Facilitator will ensure that the Participant supported has the information needed to provide meaningful supports, creating a POC that encompasses those services.

Where do they operate?
If Parents, please specify
Parent of disabled/special needs child
If Kids, please specify
Disabled/special needs kids
What types of services do they offer?
Services, Respite Care, Mentoring/Coaching
Are there any qualifications? (Eg., age, gender, disability?)
Serves children with emotional and/or behavioral challenges as well as those with physical and intellectual disabilities, and traumatic brain injuries

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