Firefly Children & Family Alliance - Nurturing Our Village

Connecting adoptive, foster, and all other types of families and kids with the resources they need to thrive.

Connecting adoptive, foster, and all other types of families and kids with the resources they need to thrive.

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Firefly Children & Family Alliance

Firefly Children & Family Alliance
Who would benefit from the services of this organization?
Physical Address
1575 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street Indianapolis, Indiana, 46202
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Description of activities

Our Family Resource Centers offer a range of services to the Indiana communities they support. These services include everything from a food pantry providing take-and-make meals to child safety classes and career counseling. Services and programs vary by Family Resource Center but can include: Susy™s Store: A small pantry that provides ready-to-make meals Recovery Hub: A program that connects residents with recovery support and services Parent Cafe: A place for parents to talk about their parenting struggles and successes A Better Life: A recovery program designed to provide recovery support and services Safe Sleep: Sleep education classes for parents and caregivers Child Safety: A resource providing assistance to families in need of support C.H.I.L.D. Time: A brain-development program designed for infants Career Counselors: A resource for parents looking to identify training opportunities and find jobs Also offers support identifying affordable child care, foster care licensing, support, short-term residential therapeutic intervention, a children's shelter, recovery services for drug and alcohol addiction, sexual assault, domestic violence, and assistance for young adults transitioning from foster care.

Where do they operate?
If Parents, please specify
Expecting, Adoptive, Child protective services involvement, Parent of disabled/special needs child
If Kids, please specify
Foster kids, Adopted kids, Disabled/special needs kids, Kids with background of abuse, Aged-out foster kids
What types of services do they offer?
Counseling, Training, Services, Donations, Group homes, Support Groups, Child care, Referrals, Foster Care Placement, Adoption, Resources
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Nurturing Our Village
540 Carroll Street, South Bend, IN 46601